How To Install A Lock On A Bedroom Door

Having a good door lock on your bedroom can provide safety. In an emergency situation, you want to be able to lock yourself away till the authorities get there. If you have roommates, it’s also necessary so you can keep your privates private. So today, we’ll teach you how to install a lock on a bedroom door. 

There are a lot of different bedroom door lock types. As a result, we would be looking at all of these lock types and how to fix them. 

Types Of Locks And How To Install Them


They are one of the most popular door lock types as they are used widely in several homes and provide great security. Deadbolts can be categorized into three. The single, double and lockable cylinder deadbolts. 

A single cylinder deadbolt comes with a key cylinder that can be used on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside. The double cylinder deadbolt has a key cylinder on the inside and on the outside. This means a key can be used on both ends. The lockable cylinder deadbolt is like a mix of the first two types of deadbolt locks. It comes with a thumb turn on the inside that does the work of a single-cylinder deadbolt. It is usually advised to get this variety of deadbolt as it provides better security.

How To Install A Deadbolt Lock

To install a deadbolt lock on your bedroom door, tape up the template. This will provide you with the necessary instructions. Measure where you want the deadbolt on your door. This should be about 6cm above your door knob. Mark the reference points on the template and proceed to cut a hole through your door with a hole saw until the pilot part of the equipment shows on the other side of the bedroom door. Then, use a spade bit to drill another hole through the edge of the door and then fit in the bolt. 

Proceed to mortise the faceplate with a wood chisel until it fits well. Drill pilot holes and secure the bolt with the screws provided.

The next phase involves aligning the cylinder and thumb turn plate to check the fit. After this, position the exterior part on the door followed by the interior piece. Ensure that the screw holes line up with the mounting holes within the lock before proceeding to secure the deadbolt with screws. 

Finally, drill two pilot holes in the door frame with a spade bit. Mortise the area to ensure a perfect fit. Secure the strike plate with screws. 

Watch the video below for more guidance:

Door Knob Locks

They are usually used as security locks on doors in most residential properties, together with a deadbolt. In doorknob locks, the lock cylinder is always located in the knob. Hence why it is usually advised not to be used on external doors in homes as they can be easily broken by a hammer or a wrench. There are also some knob locks that come with “push-button locks” that lock the door when you press the button located in the center of the knob. 

Watch the video below for more guidance:

How To Install A Doorknob Lock

In installing a doorknob lock on a bedroom door, the first step is to use a screwdriver to remove the old knob lock along with the latch and strike plate. This is because your newly purchased knob lock will probably come with one. So, it is better to get rid of the old one. 

The next step is to replace the latch plate with a new one. Ensure that it rhymes with your door mortise. Door mortise is the hole that the latch stays on.  Fix the latch on the inside of the door with the screws provided. It should be close to the edge of the door. The next step is to put the long spindle attached to the exterior part of the doorknob through the latch and align with the interior part of the knob. Then, secure them with the screws provided and a screwdriver on the plate.

Chain Locks

This is a quite famous bedroom door lock. While they are not that great at providing adequate security, they can still stop an unwanted entry into your bedroom. Using a chain lock can also be helpful if you intend to have a face to face conversation with whoever is at your bedroom door without having to open your door fully. The slightly opened door may allow the person to see into the room, however, you can still prevent from entering.

How To Install A Chain Lock

Installing a chain lock on your bedroom door is not as complicated as other locks. You can easily do this without a locksmith’s help. Take the chain lock out of its package and read the instructions regarding the equipment you will need. Then, using a tape, tape up the template for the lock plate. Make sure it’s about 3 to 6cm above your bedroom door handle. Mark the points on the template with a pencil, take down the template and drill holes into these markings. Proceed to screw the lock plate into the door.

For the next phase, pick the template for the chain mount and tape it on the wall. Ensure that it rhymes with the lock plate. Repeat the process of marking the template with a pencil, as you did before. Proceed to drill the holes and screw in the chain mount. And that is it. Check it properly to confirm that the lock is secure. 

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This is probably the easiest lock to install and remove from your bedroom door. They are very cheap too. Padlocks are divided into two major types. Keyed and combination padlocks. Keyed padlocks are really common and are usually key-retaining or non-key-retaining. 

A key retaining padlock does not allow you to remove the key from the padlock until it is locked. A non-key retaining padlock does the opposite. Combination padlocks come with number dials that require you to enter the right combination before the padlock can be unlocked. Padlocks also come with a shoulder shackle to prevent intruders from cutting through it with a bolt cutter.

How To Install A Padlock

Installing a padlock on your bedroom door is quite simple. All that is required is to fix the hasp the right way. A hasp is a metal clasp that is usually fastened by a padlock.  To install the hasp, the first thing to do is to close the door. Measure to determine the height at which you want the hasp on the door and mark the spot with a pencil. This should be followed by positioning the loop plate and the hasp latch at the same time to ensure that they fit perfectly on the door. 

That is, the loop must fit properly in the slot on the hasp latch. Using a screwdriver, secure the hasp loop to the door with the screws provided. The last step is to secure the swing arm to the door jamb using screws and a screwdriver. Before you do this, ensure the hasp swing arm fits the loop perfectly and folds back to ensure that the door opens without any inconvenience or interference. The final step is to fasten the hasp with a padlock of your choice. 

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Other locks that can be used installed on your bedroom door include, cylindrical lever locks, mortise locks, euro cylinder locks, rim latch locks, hook locks, Jimmy prof deadbolts locks electronic and smart locks.

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The main purpose of installing any lock is to prevent unwanted invasion. To do this home improvement, you have to be aware of the components or features of the lock you want to be installed. Apart from this, your budget also determines the kind of lock you would be able to afford. 

However, if you want to keep that bedroom as a safe space for you, you have to get the best. Because we know how confusing it can be to know which lock is the best, we have compiled a list above. We hope this helps you in making a decision. Also, enlist the service of a locksmith if you know you can’t do it yourself. It’s better than ruining your door.

Lastly, it is important to change locks on all the doors in your house if you just moved in. Don’t limit the new lock installation to your bedroom alone. You will be doing yourself a great favor by doing this.

How To Install A Lock On A Bedroom Door – Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to put a lock on a bedroom door?

Getting basic locks and installing them yourself costs around $15-$50 per lock or $60-$200 for four locks, depending on the quality and style of the locks.

However, having a locksmith coming into your home to install new locks will cost about $20-$30 plus a minimum fee of about $40-$100. Also, a locksmith will charge a minimum fee of $40-$100 anywhere from $5-$25 per lock cylinder if he has to rekey the locks.

Some locksmiths include a minimum charge for coming to your home, while others include the minimum charge and the fee for each keyhole.            

How do you secure a bedroom door without a lock?

It sounds impossible to secure a door without a lock. Even at the least, very difficult. However, there are a few things you can do to secure that door that doesn’t have a lock.

To secure a bedroom door without a lock:

  1. Prop a chair under the door.
  2. Remove the door handle. Use a screwdriver to take out the screws from the door handle. Be careful not to lock yourself in.
  3. Connect the door handle to something that won’t move, something really heavy.
  4. Use portable door locks.
  5. Install a door alarm.

What is the best lock for a bedroom door?

There are a lot of reasons why people consider installing locks for their bedroom doors. It might be just to have extra privacy while spending time by yourself or with your friends. Whatever reason you have, you’ll need a quality lock.

You must choose a lock that comes with a way to unlock it from the inside and outside. This means having a key you can keep on you or hide nearby whenever you need to get back in. 

That being said, the best classic bedroom door lock would be the Amazon Basics Entry Door Knob. 

How do you lock a door without a keyhole?

Push the knob in and twist it. 

Some doors have a locking mechanism that you can start-up by pushing the knob in to engage the locking mechanism. By twisting the knob, it latches to the direction in which you pushed it. 

Very important: Note that the knob on the other side will not turn.

To unlock the door, just turn the knob back and allow it to pop back out. Twist the knob without pushing it in and use your door.

What does rekeying a lock mean?

Of course, changing a lock is self-explanatory. All you have to do is change an old lock with a new one.

However, rekeying a lock means replacing the working key of the lock to a different key, without replacing the lock. 

That is, you need to keep the same lock but operate it using a different key. You do this by taking the lock apart and replacing some parts of it on the inside. These parts are referred to as tumblers or key pins.

How do I get my locks keyed the same?

The easiest way to get your locks keyed the same is doing it when you are purchasing them. 

Manufacturers know that many homeowners avoid keeping more than one key or having to search for the key, especially in the dark. And that’s why they have manufactured model sets that match.

Bear this in mind if you want to get their locks keyed the same – When picking out the style of doorknob you want, you must also pick from the same style deadbolt. A marking on the package will allow you to select packages with keys that match.