How To Organize A Small Bedroom — 15 Brilliant Ideas

Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury to have a king-sized bedroom in our home. Because of this, it is therefore important that we learn how to maximize whatever little space we have to use as our bedroom. In this article, we’re going to teach you how to organize a small bedroom

How To Organize A Small Bedroom
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To make this article easier to follow, we’re going to provide you with 20 simple ideas for small bedrooms that you can incorporate into your home and bedroom right now. Most of these ideas include some items that you might need to buy. But worry not, most of the items are really affordable and we’ll definitely try our best to provide you with the most cost-efficient items. 

Sorting Out Clothes

Install A Closet Organization System

The first things you need to organize in any bedroom, no matter its size, are your clothes. You need to build a system that is not only easy to work with, but is also spacious enough to maximize your closet space.

Since you have a small bedroom, chances are that you have a small closet too. However, there are ways that you can maximize small closet space, and organize your clothes, this is the best one yet. 

A popular closet organization system is the IKEA Algot System. This system makes use of a lot of Algot shelves and hangers to help create as much space as you can inside your wardrobe. You can use these selves to keep accessories, shoes, or folded sweaters, while the rest of your clothes are hanging on the rack. 

Use Baskets

Another way to reduce the amount of space you’ll need in a closet is to get some baskets. Getting a few baskets and placing them strategically around your bedroom would help to reduce the number of clothes you actually have to put inside the already small wardrobe. 

You can use these baskets for things like laundry, clothes you wear often around the house, and blankets. This way they’ll be easier to reach when you need them, as well as, reduce the amount of stuff inside your wardrobe. 

TheWarmHome Small Storage Basket Linen Storage Bins for Toy Storage,Grey

Get A Shoe Rack 

Getting a shoe rack is another way to declutter your bedroom and organize your shoes. If you’ve ever been without a shoe rack, you would realize how quick it is to get your bedroom completely messy. 

In a few days, you would have several pairs of shoes and socks lying all over the place. This would make your bedroom feel cluttered and smaller than it actually is.  So, the best thing to do is to get a shoe rack. 

This way you can properly store all your shoes and because they’re stacked up vertically, they take up a lot less footprint. 

If You Don’t Have A Closet, Make One

Now, we’ve talked a lot about making great use of your closet with different storage ideas. But what if you don’t have a closet at all? Well, my dear, you would have to make one, without a closet door, of course. This is because the closet is the best tool to organize clothes.

Don’t get scared. Making a DIY closet is not as difficult as it sounds. Infact, watching the 2-minute video below will help you create a closet organizer from start to finish, by yourself. 

Now that you’re done making your own closet organizer, you can go back and follow all the steps prior to this one. This will help you maximize the space in your new closet. 

Every Inch Of Space In Your Bedroom Should Be Maximized

Sometimes, the problem is not that there isn’t any more space. It’s that we don’t maximize the little space we have. So in this section, we’ll be giving you storage ideas for the parts of the bedroom where you might not have thought to store things. 

The Space Under Your Bed

If you didn’t already know, the floor space under the bed is a very great place to store things and not just scary monsters. 

There are different ways you can use the space under your bed. You can get proper bed storage attached to your bed. However, if you don’t already own a bed that has that dedicated storage, it can be quite expensive to get it installed. 

A much more affordable option would be to get a Rolling Wire Underbed Cart. The great thing about this is that it comes with wheels. These wheels would make it easy for you to roll it out from under the bed, put stuff in or take stuff out, and then roll it back under the bed. 

To get the best bank for your buck, we suggest the:

Whitmor Rolling White Wire Underbed Cart

Whitmor Rolling White Wire Underbed Cart. Click here to get yours now!

The Space Behind The Door

Behind the bedroom door is one place that people do not often look at when they’re thinking about storage space. However, it’s a really prime spot. 

Placing a mirror on your door would make it easier for you to look at yourself right as you’re about to go out. A fold-out mirror would be ideal, but any kind of mirror will work just fine. 

You can also put different hangers and hang a bar across it. These would enable you to hang different things like bags, scarves, and other things you would need on the go. 

Headboard And Footboards Space

We’ve talked about using the space under the bed. If that’s not enough, here are two prime positions around the bed that people often don’t get great use out of. 

You can place things like books, accessories, and other stuff on your headboard. Make sure that they’re not too heavy and are balanced properly. That way, they don’t fall on your head while you sleep. 

As your footboard, you can use a desk with storage space. This not only gives you something to sit down on that’s not your bed but also extra storage space to store whatever you want. 

To get the best bank for the buck, we suggest you check out the ClosetMaid 3258 Cubeicals 3-Cube Storage Bench. It’s properly cushioned so it serves as a comfortable seat. It has three different storage compartments. 

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Wall Space

If the horizontal storage isn’t enough for you, then you definitely should consider using your wall. Wherever shelves can go on a wall, put shelves on that wall.

Consider getting a lot of floating shelves and hanging them at strategic parts of the wall. Corner shelves are also something you can look into to get the best while leaving the smallest footprint on your wall. 

Your Nightstand Or Bedside Table

Your nightstand is another place you can squeeze some space out of. You can use floating shelves as your nightstand. This would allow the space under the nightstand, on the wall and the floor space, to be useful. 

You can also decide to use nestling tables as a nightstand. Not only are they affordable, but the drawable tables can also be used to store temporary things like books you’re reading, your mobile phone, or an alarm clock.

Idealistic Changes That Will Help You To Maximize Your Bedroom Space

In this section, we’ll be looking at idealistic and lifestyle changes you can make to ensure your bedroom’s space is always maximized. 

Think Like A Minimalist

We’re not saying you need to give up all your beautiful clothes and fashion items and become a minimalist. We understand that the minimalist lifestyle is definitely not for everyone. 

However, we cannot deny that to get the best out of a small bedroom, and your home in general, you would have to, at least, think like a minimalist. 

This basically means clearing out those things that you don’t need from your home. Many times, especially when we’ve lived in our home for a very long time, a lot of useless things can pile up. Once this clutter forms, it takes up a lot of real estates. This, in turn, will make you feel like you have a smaller space than you actually do. 

We suggest you sort out everything you have in the bedroom into three sections “don’t need anymore, can do without, absolute must”.  Of course, keep the “absolute musts” and throw away or give out the “don’t need any more”. 

The ones in between, you would have to further decide if they bring you joy or hold sentimental value. If they do neither, then pass them on to someone else. 

Declutter Often

Clearing out the bedroom “minimalist style” once is not enough. Over time, the clutter would grow all over again just like those cobwebs and dust in your closet. 

So, to ensure that your bedroom is in optimum condition every time, it is important that you constantly and consistently declutter. 

To understand the art of decluttering and how best to go about it, watch the video below:

Best Furniture Ideas For A Small Bedroom

The final piece of this puzzle is getting furniture that takes up very little real estate. If they can’t be smaller, or foldable, then they must be multipurpose. 

A Revolving Bookcase

If you read a lot of books, it would be a brilliant idea to get a revolving bookcase instead of multiple bookshelves. 

A revolving bookcase would take up a very small footprint while providing you with ample space to store all your stationery. 

Here’s one we think you would really love:

Venture Horizon Revolving Media Tower 600 Black

Venture Horizon Revolving Media Tower

Get Creative With Your Work Desk

If you’re creative and intend using your small bedroom as a workstation, you would have to get creative with your desk. 

There are three main ideas you should consider when trying to get desks for small spaces. You can try a floating desk, a wall-mounted desk, or a fold-in desk. 

To get a better look and understanding of what we’re talking about, we suggest you watch the video below. It features 5 of the best desk ideas for when you’re in a small space. 


Another piece of furniture you can get to maximize space is a pegboard. Pegboards basically give you the opportunity to hang anything from work tools to shoes, bags, scarves, and everything in between. 

They’re also really affordable too, so that’s a plus. And they can be hung either on your walls or even on your door. 

There are a lot of pegboards made with different materials and of different designs and sizes. So, we suggest that you click the link below to see all your options so you can pick the one that best suits your bedroom. 

Best Affordable Pegboards 

Best Bed Types For Small Room

To get the best out of your bed, you need to create it for multiple purposes. So, instead of a normal bed, try using a loft bed. 

A loft bed is similar to a bunk bed with the only difference being that it doesn’t have the bed below, only the one on top.

The provides you with ample space under the bed frame where you can fit a workstation or some storage. 

You can also try using day beds. The bed frame makes day beds able to double as sofas during the daytime. 

Conclusion — Organizing A Small Bedroom

With all these tips, you are well on your way to creating the best possible room you can, even in that tight space. 

Enjoy your new room!