What Is A Studio Apartment Vs One Bedroom?

If you’ve ever been on the hunt for an apartment, you definitely would have come across different listings under the names “studio apartment” and “one-bedroom”

What Is A Studio Apartment Vs One Bedroom?
Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

But what exactly do these two things mean? Are they interchangeable? In this article, we’re going to answer all your questions. We’re also going to tell you which would be better for you. So, stick around. 

What Is A One Bedroom Apartment?

First off, we have to preface this saying that every state has a different set of rules that legally guides what is a bedroom and what is not. 

However, generally, there are certain guidelines that all Americans use to describe what qualifies as a bedroom. And these are those guidelines. 

  • It must be 70 square feet (some say 80), minimum.
  • The apartment must have at least two points of entry and exit. 
  • Its ceiling must be at least 7 feet tall. 
  • It must have a window that’s at least 5.7 square feet. 
  • There must be a way to regulate the temperature of the house. This can be air conditioning, a heater, or a basic window that can be opened and closed. 

So, one-bedroom apartments must have one room that fulfills all the requirements above.

Apart from those the bedroom, most one-bedroom apartments tend to have a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom, all in separate rooms. So basically it’s a standard apartment that just has a single room. 

What Is A Studio Flat/Apartment?

Unlike a one-bedroom apartment, a studio apartment has only one space that acts as both the sleeping area and the living room. It does not have any separate rooms like a living room, bedroom, or kitchen. 

In a studio apartment, the living space consists of the bedroom and the living room, joined together as one. The only other room that you would find in a studio apartment is a bathroom. 

Usually, studio apartments feeling lofted sleeping areas. However, these lofted sleeping areas cannot be considered bedrooms because they do not fit into the guidelines that we’ve highlighted above. 

Sometimes, however, this living area might also come with a separate room for a kitchen or at the very least, a small space acting as a kitchenette. 

One thing that people often get wrong is thinking that these apartments are just small living spaces. But that’s not the case. In fact, because there are no measurement restrictions for studio apartments, they can get really big. 

Sometimes studio apartments are simply called “studio, studio flat, studio lofts”, and so on. They can also be referred to as “bachelor apartment” or “live/workspaces”. 

However, one name you should be very careful of, especially with online listings is the term “open one-bedroom”. In recent years, people have begun to call a living area that features a sleeping area in an alcove that name. Because it doesn’t fulfill the requirements of an actual room. So, if you’re solely out for a standard one-bedroom apartment, you should watch out for that. 

Which Is Better For You? — Studio Apartment Vs One Bedroom

Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

Now that we understand the differences between the two, if you still can’t figure out which would be better for your needs, let’s help you out. 

To help you figure out which is better for you, we’ll be going to different features you need to look out for when searching for a new apartment. 

How Much Are You Willing To Spend On The Apartment?

If you’re looking at these two apartments of similar sizes, most times, the studio apartment would be more affordable than the one-bedroom apartment. 

So, if you look at the comparison and the advantages of the one-bedroom over the studio apartment are not immense for you, it might be wise to save those extra few hundred dollars. 

With the money you use to rent a one-bedroom apartment, you can use to rent a studio apartment. You will now have enough left to cover your utility and groceries comfortably. 

However, if the price is not really a factor for you, then maybe our next feature will be:

How Many People Will It Occupy?

If you’re trying to move in with your partner, then a one-bedroom apartment might be the more reasonable option. Not only will the cost be reduced cos you both are sharing the bills, but the bigger space is also better for you both. 

Although this living area can get big, they still have a way of feeling very cramped when more than one person lives there. This is mainly because there are walls separating the rooms. So no privacy and everyone feels like they’re in each other’s space. 

So, if you won’t be staying alone, we honestly think that the extra money you’ll save with a studio apartment is definitely not worth it. Plus, a living room is a great place for all the occupants of the house to chill.


Another thing you need to consider when deciding what type of apartment you want is the location. Now, this location is somehow tied to the price factor. 

This is because the more prime the location is, the more expensive it would be to rent. So, do you mind staying a few minutes outside the city for an affordable one-bedroom apartment? Or is staying in the middle of the city a big must?

To figure this out you have to think about what your lifestyle is. Do you enjoy a night out with friends? Do you prefer to walk to work than having to drive a fairway? Answering all of these questions would help you ultimately decide whether living in a prime spot is that important for you. 

If it is, then going with a studio apartment in the center of the city would be a better option for you, compared to living in a one-bedroom apartment outside the city. 

Conclusion — Studio Apartment Vs One Bedroom, Which Is Your Final Option?

Alright! We’re sure you are now well aware of the differences between these two types of apartments. With this knowledge, go on and pick the best apartment that suits your needs. 

Remember to stay truthful to yourself when answering the questions we mentioned above. If you are not truthful to yourself, you’ll end up with an apartment that just wouldn’t feel like home.

If you end up getting a one-bedroom apartment, click here to read our article on how to design the bedroom. It’ll help you get the most out of your small bedroom.