Where To Buy Bedroom Sets

The bedroom is the best place for your body to recuperate after long hours of work, sickness, running errands or taking care of kids. It is your private space. To achieve this phase of comfort in your bedroom, you have to be thoughtful about what you put in there, especially your bedroom sets. So in this article, we talk about where to buy bedroom sets.

Where To Buy Bedroom Sets

What To Look For In A Bedroom Set

Buying a bedroom set is the best way to satisfy your bedroom furniture needs, all at once. A typical bedroom set includes a bed with a headboard, nightstand, and a dresser. You can also go for a bedroom set that comes with an extra nightstand, chest of drawers, futon, bench mirrors, lamps, and an armoire.

This selection process depends highly on taste. You can decide to be minimalistic with your bedroom furniture choice or you can be extravagant and go splurging. 

The size of your bedroom is also a great determining factor when selecting your bedroom sets. You have to be extra careful so as not to end up having a clumsy bedroom. To help you with that, we suggest you check out our article on How To Organize A Small Bedroom.

In getting bedroom furniture, it is better to make a list of what you need and also create a budget. You should also know that getting bedroom sets that are durable and of good quality should be your top priority. Here is why we have come up with a list of where you can purchase your bedroom sets with little to no stress.

Where To Buy Bedroom Furniture?

Yes, we know you are psyched to spice up your bedroom. However, you don’t want to end up getting a bedroom set that would bring you discomfort. You want to get a set that is budget-friendly. Well, that is why we are here. Here is a list of online stores that promise good quality, would make the acquisition process easier and are also somewhat affordable.


Ikea is a popular e-commerce store that boasts of bedroom sets that come in different styles, colors and at affordable prices. These sets come with chest drawers, nightstands, and beds. Also, these bedroom sets are arranged on their website in a way that allows you to identify which suits your taste best. 

They have country-style bedroom sets, as well as,  beautiful trendy sets with a timeless appearance. Some of these bedroom sets also come with beds that have storage boxes that you can keep stuff in, that is comfort on a whole different level. This is a good choice for you if you don’t an exceptionally large bedroom that can take all your belongings. You can just put some of them in these drawers. 

You can check their website to know more about their return policies and possible discounts.


eBay is a United Kingdom-based online platform with a lot of vendors selling at affordable prices. The distinct feature of eBay is that it allows a consumer to consumer sales. This means that, along with the sale of brand new items, it allows the sale of a pre-owned or used item on its platform. 

So, it should come as no surprise to you if you come across the sale of used bedroom furniture. This feature allows you to browse through thousands of vendors until you find the perfect one for your budget. An added advantage on eBay is its auction feature. With this feature, you get to bid on or negotiate the displayed prices, unlike other online stores. 

Furthermore, because there is a huge competition for the sellers, most of them are willing to offer certain incentives like free shipping and worldwide delivery. This definitely proves how important competition is for business. 


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This is unarguably the largest e-commerce store in the world. In fact, we are sure that this was the first place that came to mind when you started looking for a bedroom set. 

It goes without saying that Amazon has a mindboggling range of products on its platform, containing every bedroom furniture you might need. This is your best move if you do not want to have to haul home heavy bedroom sets yourself. 

Furthermore, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you might get lucky that the product you choose falls under the 1-Day shipping incentive for Prime members. Apart from this, there is a lot of vendors on this platform that offer varying prices for whatever you might need, just like eBay. 

So, when you see that high price range at first, don’t panic, just keep surfing. You will definitely find that vendor that is offering the perfect price that agrees with your budget. If you feel that your budget might not cover an all-new bedroom set, Amazon offers deals on slightly used bedroom furniture also. You should check them out. Although its “used” offers are a lot fewer than you would find on eBay.

Amazon also offers a 30-day return policy on goods purchased. So if you end up not liking a particular bedroom set, you get the chance to return it without any hassle. 

One thing to note, though, is that if you’re not in a country that offers a local version of Amazon, you might find their worldwide shipping fees quite a bit ridiculous. To combat this, we suggest using a service such as “myus.com” to process the shipping to your country from the US. You could also read further in this article for options with better Worldwide shipping rates. 


Walmart is not relenting when it comes to offering the best to customers. It has a lot of retailers on its platforms with a great assortment of bedroom furniture. Talk about beds, futons, headboards, dressers, nightstands, armoires, they have everything. 

You can’t go wrong with the platform. Walmart promises everyday low prices which can be seen at the slashed prices when you visit their website.

While Walmart offers a next day delivery and free shipping on orders worth 35 dollars or more on eligible items, your bedroom sets order might not be eligible.  For your big bedroom furniture, you might have to employ the services of movers to help you get your order after Walmart has shipped it to one of their pick up stations nearest to you. 


When talking about where you can get any item from, Target will always come up. It has everything. And according to its slogan, expect more, pay less.

Apart from having an e-commerce store, they also have a physical store you can simply walk into to make purchases. This way, you get to shop for your bedroom furniture personally, see, feel and touch what you want before taking it home.

 If you are less old fashioned and want to do without the stress, well, they have an online store to help you. 

Target offers free shipping on orders above 35 dollars. You should probably read the terms and conditions attached to this and see if it benefits. Don’t lose out on a good deal.


Not only does it have different bedroom furniture choices for you, but also has a bedroom set buying guide. In this guide, they identified the three-bedroom sets: sizes and layout, style, and color. This is done with the intention to make an educated selection when you decide to buy a bedroom set on their website. 

This is the definition of “life made easier”. No one wants to end up ordering bedroom furniture that way too big or small for their bedroom. Wayfair also offers a 50 dollars if you pay using the Wayfair credit card. It does not stop there. Wayfair also offers free shipping on orders that are above 49 dollars. Terms and conditions apply of course. Visit their official website to find out more about these amazing deals.


While it is not a really huge e-commerce store, it also boasts of good quality bedroom sets on its website. When you register as a new member, you receive newsletters on the latest deals and a 10% off coupon.  

For easier selection, the bedroom sets are arranged in this order – sales and promotions, sizes, colors, set includes, styles, bed designs, materials, finishes, product features, brands, and availability. Now, that is the way to do it! If you are still indecisive about ordering from this website, you can go through the reviews on the website in order to make an informed decision. 

Overstock has a 30-day return policy on unopened or unused items for a full refund. If you return an item after 30 days, they will issue a partial refund. Also, you order an item marked as non-returnable, it will not be accepted if you try to return it. You should check out the segment on return policies on their website for more details.

American Freight Furniture

As the name implies, it deals mostly with bedroom furniture. This platform has unbelievably cheap and affordable prices on bedroom sets and every other item on there. You can get any of these items from any of their nearest stores in your vicinity. 

They also offer amazing deals like same-day delivery on items purchased, 24 months of layaway without additional charges and a no-credit-needed payment. The icing on the cake is an amazing offer that allows a customer to take an item home after paying only 50 dollars for sixty days. The full payment for the purchased item can be paid on the sixtieth day. This is an amazing deal.

If You Live Outside The US

Jumia (Africa)

This is the largest e-commerce store in Africa. The bedroom sets are arranged in a way that makes your selection easier. It ranges from brand to price (low and high), material family, color, the location your order will be shipped from, the vendor’s score and finally to the discount available.  

You are advised to download the app to get more access to exclusive deals. You also get a 15% shopping discount when you check out using JumiaPay on the Jumia App. They also send newsletters to registered customers to inform them of the latest and best deals. 

There is no free shipping or delivery on Jumia. Delivery is usually from two to five working days. This can change based on your location or the item which you ordered. You can also get to select the pickup or home delivery options on the App.

Urban Ladder (India)

There is a limited number of stylish bedroom sets designs on this platform. Items get sold out often on this platform, so it is prudent to sign up for their newsletters in order to get updates on their latest arrivals before it is whisked away by another customer. Another benefit that comes with subscribing for newsletters is that you stand a chance of winning one of their several weekly giveaways. 

Currently, Urban ladder has 40% off deals of the week on its official website. Go check it and you might just be lucky to find bedroom furniture among the week’s deals. Urban Ladder does not do worldwide delivery. Its delivery service is limited to cities in India. So, if you happen to stay in India, you are in luck.

Alibaba/Aliexpress (Worldwide)

Almost everyone is familiar with this huge Chinese owned e-commerce store. It boasts of thousands of vendors and really amazing low prices. 

This platform is known mostly for its free shipping. However, this platform is not the safest and has been known to scam people in the past. To ensure your money is safe, before placing an order on this platform, it is advisable to check the performance reviews of the vendor you intend to order from. This reduces the risk of paying and not receiving your order as promised and to avoid the issue of late delivery.

Alibaba/Aliexpres offer worldwide shipping that’s often free. The delivery is done through your local post office which you would have to go and pick upon arrival. Local post office fees do not apply to the delivery charges.  

Durian (Indian)

This is another Indian owned e-commerce store. Like Urban Ladder, it only delivers to major cities in India, no chance of worldwide shipping. This is sad for people living in other parts of the world because this store has an amazing selection of bedroom sets that will definitely suit your style. 

There is also a 5-year warranty on all items with prices from 1,500 rupees and above. Durian sends a team to deliver your bedroom furniture to your doorstep, unpack, assemble and clean up your space after completing the bedroom set up. Now, that’s class. If you receive a damaged item, it is fixed or replaced immediately.

White Chamber (UK)

You can easily purchase bedroom furniture here too. Visit their website and place an order for what you need. The white chamber also has a 30-days full refund return policy. Luckily, they do worldwide shipping, so the location cannot restrict you from making a purchase. However, it is important to point out that you have limited options to browse through on this platform.

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In Conclusion

We understand the temptation to get cheap products. However, you might want to rethink that decision because you might end up with substandard products. You don’t want to come home to a bedroom with furniture that is in need of constant replacement.

Loosen the purse strings and get a comfortable bedroom set that’d make you happy in the long run. Go through the listed stores above, visit each website, weigh your options. We trust you to make the best decision.

Where To Buy Bedroom Sets – Frequently Asked Questions

How much do bedroom sets cost?

Luxury bedroom sets could cost as high as $10,000. Midrange bedroom sets from design stores like Pottery Barn, Crate, and Barral could charge a few thousands of dollars for a bed and some matching furniture. A two-piece set could cost an average of several thousands in some stores. However, you could get some bedroom sets at relatively cheap prices from places like Aspen, IKEA, and some other designers. 

What is the best bedroom furniture?

There are so many bedroom furniture designers that will suit your tastes and preferences. Some of these bedroom sets are quite stunning that they will leave an aesthetic impression on you. Consider the Life Home Premiere Classics Cloth Linen bed. This is a queen-size bed with an elegant headboard and linen upholstery. It is very durable and easy to assemble. Another beautiful piece is Randall Furniture B132QDMN2 Innerland Contemporary bedroom set. This modern piece is a queen size bed with two nightstands, a dresser, and a mirror. It’s a stunning piece with durable construction. 

Does IKEA sell bedroom sets?

IKEA sells everything from living room furniture to mattresses. Bedroom sets are also one of the top sellers available from IKEA. There are a few notable bedroom sets series from IKEA. These include IKEA’s Brusali series involving tropics-inspired bedroom sets. There’s also the Tyssesal series from IKEA, amongst others. Two-piece, three-piece, four-piece, and 5-piece bedroom sets of top quality are available from IKEA. 

Why are bedroom sets so expensive?

Bedroom sets can be notoriously expensive and the reasons for this are understandable. Bedroom sets are very durable pieces and they are expected to last for many years. This contributes to their cost. Producing these durable pieces is highly labor-intensive. Sellers are also aware that they will hardly ever have repeated purchases from a single customer and this contributes to the high prices of bedroom sets. 

What does a bedroom set include?

Typically, bedroom sets contain a bed and one or more of the following items: a chest, a mirror, a nightstand, and a dresser. A five-piece bedroom set will typically contain all of the aforementioned pieces. A two-piece set will include a bed and one of these items. As the number of items on a bedroom set increases, the costs increase accordingly. 

Is Ashley Furniture good quality?

Ashley Furniture is known for their very affordable furniture and their giant house shows. Ashley Furniture is aimed at budget-minded consumers who are also looking for quick deliveries. With that target in mind, it is not surprising to find that Ashley Furniture is mostly of reasonable quality. They can’t be categorized as the best quality obtainable. The furniture you get from Ashley is in tandem with the money paid for it.