Where To Put TV In Bedroom?

Televisions are an important part of our homes and daily lives. On it, you get to watch your favorite, series and sport, and all-around entertainment. 

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Apart from placing the TV in the living room, another place to position a TV is your bedroom. There is a certain bliss that comes with sitting on your bed, with your back cushioned by soft pillows as you watch your favorite shows.

Now, before we digress further, let’s show you the strategic places you can place your TV in the bedroom and how to add to the décor of your room in the process.

Factors To Consider

Before you place a TV in your bedroom, here are a few things to consider.

Calculate The Eye Level

In order to get a better view, the center of your television screen should be at the eye level of where you watch TV from. 

You can calculate this by sitting and lying on your bed and using that to determine the location that is best for you without having to strain your neck whenever you use the TV. 

Measurement can also be done by calculating the distance from the floor to your eyes in order to determine how high you’d be sitting.

Measure The Viewing Distance And Angle

The viewing distance for a tv in the bedroom rests solely on the size of the TV. You don’t want to place a small TV farther from your bed or whichever position you watch it from. 

According to the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, to get the best viewing distance, your TV should be mounted at 30 degrees viewing angle and not more than that. 

How High Should My TV Be?

In order to get the perfect height for your TV, you can get a friend to lay on the bed while you mark the appropriate spot for your TV.

Furthermore, in order to have a nice viewing experience in relation to the TV height, you might need to invest in a tilt or full-motion corner, wall or ceiling mounts. These mounts help to maximize comfort while watching your favorite shows.

Also, the size of the TV often comes into play here. The TV size will help to determine the height at which you should mount as it represents the diagonal viewing area.

Finally, you also have to consider your power cables. Ensure that the TV is not mounted too far away from the power cables and also, remember to place the cable at the perfect distance that allows it to reach an outlet.

Where Should I Place My TV In My Bedroom?

Most people usually position the TV at the foot of the bed. However, there are several modifications that you can make. These modifications rest on your bedroom layout. 

Bedrooms come with different layout and the location of your TV rests on the bedroom’s size and shape. Let’s not forget the arrangement of furniture in your bedroom.

Mount TV On The Wall

Yes, you can simply go the old-fashioned way and mount your TV on the wall with the use of a wall mount. To do this, you must have first determined the perfect height and viewing angle.

Locate the wall studs, drill pilot holes, secure the mounting bracket to the wall, attach the mounting plate to your TV and mount it. And voila, your TV is sitting nicely on your bedroom wall. Going for a wall-mounted display of TV is a good way to reduce the clutter of excess furniture in your room. 

Also, if you feel that mounting your TV on the wall in the usual classic layout is a tad boring, you can spice it up a little by getting a wall-mounted mirror TV. This type of TV has the outward appearance of a mirror but changes to a full-screen TV when it is activated with a remote. This will definitely give your bedroom a modern and stylish look.

Utilize The Bedroom Corner

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The corners of your bedroom are usually left unused and investing in a corner TV mount is definitely a great idea. If your bedroom comes with a long and narrow layout, simply pick the smaller wall and attach your TV to a tilting mount. 

This will ensure the visibility of the TV from every corner of the bedroom. The use of a tilting TV mount also solves any height issues that might arise from this location by angling the TV downwards.

Use A Cabinet

You can simply construct a wooden cabinet for your bedroom and put your TV on it. This can be placed in the unused corners in your bedroom. Using a cabinet is a great idea as you can create more moving space in your bedroom by simply keeping items in the cabinet. You can also display décor items on the cabinet to liven up your bedroom.

Invest In A TV Unit

This is a good idea for people with exceptionally large bedrooms. You can invest in a fancy TV unit for your bedroom. 

Also, a TV unit comes in handy if you are trying to create partitions in your bedroom. If you want a more rustic look in your bedroom, you can go for a wooden shelf partition TV unit. 

While your TV sits in the unit, your room looks great at the same time. Also, if your budget is not enough to purchase a fancy unit, get creative, surf the internet and customize one by yourself.

Place It In Your Closets

Surprising? Well, yes, you can put your TV in your closet. Especially if you have a space problem in your bedroom and you still want to incorporate a TV. Or maybe you just don’t want your TV to be visible, simply place it in the closet or attach the TV to the closet door. Viola! problem solved.

It is important to point out that if you decide to mount your TV on your closet doors, you should invest in a smaller and lighter TV.  It is also important to enlist to help of a professional.

Use Your Table Or Desk

You can use your study table as a TV display unit. Simply place your TV on it and you are good to go. Ensure you get a TV stand for your table, especially if you are using a flat-screen TV. This is to prevent your TV from tipping over and breaking or causing injuries to you. 

Also, if you have a small work zone in your bedroom, you can mount your TV on your work desk. Apart from making this space multifunctional, it also helps to create more space in the bedroom.

On A Low Shelving Unit

A low shelving unit is a perfect location for traditional box televisions. So, if you happen to have one in your bedroom, simply place your TV on it. The shelving unit also creates space for other electronic devices you might want to add.

Above The Fireplace

Now, this is what we call a cozy bliss. Simply place your TV above the fireplace in your bedroom and turn on the fire as you enjoy your favorite movie.

At The Foot Of The Bed

As mentioned earlier, this is the go-to position for most people that intend to have a TV in their bedrooms.  However, you can make it more comfortable for yourself by purchasing a portable and fully height-adjustable TV mount and attach your equally portable TV to it. Some of these adjustable mounts can swivel, rotate and tilt over 180 degrees. 

VIVO TV Floor Stand for 13 to 42 inch Flat Panel LED LCD Plasma Screens | Portable Display Height Adjustable Mount (STAND-TV07)

In The Armoire

An armoire is simply a large ornate two-door wardrobe or cupboard. Although they are considered to be antiques, people are repurposing them these days. And in the vein of repurposing, don’t toss out that armoire yet if you happen to have one sitting around. It is an ideal place to put your TV.

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Having a TV in the bedroom is a practical move. Apart from the comfort attached to watching a TV while in bed, you get to catch weather and traffic updates as you prepare for work. This will help you with your choice of clothing and t know which route to avoid on your way to work.

If you have kids, moving the TV to your bedroom is the best option for you. This way you won’t have to watch Frozen or Moana for the hundredth time. You can simply fix a TV in your kids’ bedroom or leave them in the living room while you go watch your shows in your own room. 

We have to point out that if you decide to place a TV in your kids’ bedroom, you have to be strict about TV time. You don’t want them watching the TV late into the night. Also, ensure that you purchase TV wall mounts designed for safety.

Also, if you have a snoring partner or noisy roommate sharing the bedroom with you, get a pair of cordless headphones to drown out the noise. Finally, avoid placing your TV in front of your bedroom window.  This is to reduce the glare level and the amount of light shining on the TV screen.

Where To Put TV In Bedroom – Frequently Asked Questions

Should you put a TV in your bedroom?

Putting a TV in a bedroom is not advisable for the following reasons:

  1. A television in the bedroom makes people keep late nights. Also, studies have shown that watching television before bed disrupts sleep cycles.
  2. For a married couple, having a television in the bedroom isn’t a good example for the kids. They are likely to have sleep problems and not do great in school.
  3. People love to have intimate conversations in the bedroom. Having a television in the room might not make that happen.

 How do you mount a TV in a bedroom?

  1. Find out the TV bracket that fits your TV.
  2. Decide where you want your TV to be.
  3. Join the bracket to the TV by locating the mounting holes on the back and attaching the mounting arms. Use the bolts provided in the mounting kit.
  4. Attach the bracket to the wall. Use a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall that will hold your TV. Mark the spots with a pencil and use a drill to attach the wall bracket plate. 
  5. Connect the cables and place the TV. Ask a friend to help at this point, so the TV doesn’t fall.

What do you put under the wall-mounted TV in the bedroom?

The best place to start when deciding what to put under a mounted TV is looking over the space your TV is mounted, or where you plan to mount it.

If your TV is in an open space like a living room, you can place a piece of media furniture under it. Although, you might need a media console to help anchor the TV. But the good thing is that media furniture can help the proper scale and balance to prevent your TV area from looking deserted. 

Why you shouldn’t sleep with the TV on

Sleeping with the TV on can be dangerous.

Sleeping with the TV on means that you’re taking in the blue light that comes from electronics. Studies have shown that this can toil with the quality of your sleep by suppressing the production of melatonin (the hormone that keeps the sleep and wake cycle balanced), and can delay sleep onset, that is, the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep.

Also, it might cause you to linger in lighter sleep stages where you miss out on some important restorative work the body does during sleep. 

Is having a TV in your bedroom bad feng shui?

Having a TV in your bedroom is bad feng shui.

There are about five ways that having a TV in your bedroom creates bad feng shui, with a negative effect on people’s lives, relationships, and health. Three of which are: 

  • A TV that’s off begging to be turned on. There’s this somewhat empty feeling until the TV is turned on.
  • When the TV is on, the relationship suffers because the activity on the screen prevents you from interacting with your partner. 
  • A TV that’s opposite the bed acts as a mirror, throwing your energy back at you.

Is 55 inch TV too big for a bedroom?

A 55 inch TV is not too big for a bedroom. 

It gives you the recommended screen diagonal. For instance, most people sit about 108 inches from their TV. But the recommended screen size is one of about 90 inches diagonal for that distance. This means that the 55 inch TV is not too big for a bedroom.

However, if your room is very crowded, choose at least a 40-inch screen if you sit more than six feet away from the TV.